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Academic Advising

An important part of a liberal arts education at the University of Richmond is the relationship between a student and his or her academic advisor. All full-time faculty members in the undergraduate schools and some experienced staff members serve as advisors. While some professors advise only majors in their programs, most advise both majors and students who have not yet declared a major. The ratio of students per advisor is intentionally kept low so students can benefit from personal attention as they plan their academic program.

While the University believes that the responsibility for decisions and actions resides with each individual, advisors are available to answer questions about the curriculum and choosing courses and to help students navigate their years at Richmond. They can assist students along the path to choosing a major, examining career choices, and deciding on research studies or internships. Many graduates report that their advisor was a highly valuable resource to them, and many advisees and advisors remain in touch after the student has left the University.

In addition, the Academic Advising Resource Center (AARC) is available to assist both advisors and advisees with any questions or concerns. For more information about academic advising, contact the AARC at

School of Professional & Continuing Studies students are urged to use this service since information about programs and University regulations is important to your academic success. To make an appointment with an advisor, call the School (804) 289-8133. Visit the Academic Advising page for advising assignments and additional information.

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