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The University of Richmond seeks to enroll students who have demonstrated the potential to succeed in a highly rigorous environment and who have shown evidence of their capability to contribute to the University community. Admission to the University is competitive and selective.

Criteria for admission are both objective and subjective. Qualities including academic ability and achievement, combined with personal qualities of leadership, creativity, and independence, are considered. For those entering as first-year students, the secondary school experience, the results of standardized tests, and the particular characteristics and personal qualities of each applicant will be considered. Successful applicants come from many different backgrounds. The University makes admission decisions in a need-blind manner for all first-year applicants who are U.S. citizens and permanent residents. Students who believe that they would benefit from the University's programs but do not have the resources to attend are encouraged to see the section on Financial Aid for more information.

Successful applicants will have pursued a highly rigorous college preparatory program. The prospective student is advised, therefore, to complete the most challenging college preparatory program that can be taken at the secondary school attended. Applicants to the University of Richmond are required to earn a high school diploma or its equivalent, including the G.E.D. (General Education Development battery).

For students who have attended other institutions of higher learning and wish to transfer to the University of Richmond, the academic achievement, personal conduct, and courses completed at their current and prior institutions will be important to the admission decision.

Whether first-year or transfer, students with the potential to be the most successful in this educational environment will be offered admission.