Spiritual Life

The mission of the Office of the Chaplaincy is Inspiring Generous Faith; Engaging the Heart of the University.

The Office of the Chaplaincy consists of five full-time staff members and eighteen affiliated campus ministers. Together, we focus on five strategic goals to advance our mission:

  • Creating structures of inclusion for the diversity of faith traditions present on campus.

  • Including our eighteen partner campus ministries more robustly in the mainstream of campus life.

  • Providing pastoral care to all members of the university community, particularly students.

  • Developing programming for students to pursue spiritual renewal, reflection, and critical engagement with their own experience and that of others.

  • Animating conversations of meaning across many lines of difference to cultivate our highest ideals of responsible living and learning.

Some of our yearly highlights include the Pilgrimage program to Israel; our Multifaith Student Council; the Weinstein-Rosenthal Forum on Faith, Ethics, and Global Society; our One Book, One Campus program; our Consider This dinner series; the annual Iftar, Seder, Thanksgiving, and December Candlelight services.

In addition, a wide range of worship and fellowship opportunities are offered such as weekly Catholic Mass; Kairos, a Christian contemplative service; Shabbat services; Muslim prayer; and Zen Meditation. Additional worship and study opportunities are offered through our campus ministry team.

Visit our website for detailed information: chaplaincy.richmond.edu.

The Office of the Chaplaincy is located in the Wilton Center, between Cannon Memorial Chapel and Tyler Hanes Commons. We look forward to meeting you.